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Welcome to the world of The Cosmic Connect

You have been trying to keep things "normal," but you're unsure what that means. You desired to feel more centered, at peace, and able to tap into your healing expertise, but still searching for the right place.

Sickness, separation, retirement, professional breakdown, or losing a loved one all have the same effect. You're battling to accept what's happened. Each of these scenarios can benefit from the energy healing.

When a life crisis occurs, you'll find yourself dealing with far more than you anticipated. We're aware. We've all been there. First, there's the physical aspect to consider, such as dealing with a sick body or disrupted routines. Then there's the internal part: the worry, agony, and dread accompanying a malfunctioning body or a tumultuous life.

In every case, something inside you knows it's possible to reclaim your sense of wholeness. If you've tried every technique to get your life back on track, it might be time for a different kind of remedy.

If you can get deep rest, find soothing comfort, and create a new perspective, you can begin to feel better and access your healing wisdom. All of these are brought together by Reiki's healing touch.

At The Cosmic Connect, thousands of people have relied on us to help them cope with breakdowns, setbacks, pain, illness, and failures. Reiki healing has been a tremendous force for healing in each of our lives, and we offer our expertise, conviction, and passion to the people we treat and educate. The Cosmic Connect can assist you in feeling relaxed and revitalized, as well as developing your inner strength.

The founder, Usha Mahesh Shankar, is a renowned Reiki Master Healer, Psychic Reader (Tarot Reader) & Crystal Therapist. Her 20 years of expertise in the Healthcare sector comes in very handy in healing and reading work. The Cosmic Connect also works towards providing energized & authentic healing crystals to the public to help them get the best quality products.

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About Healing

“The mind and body are not separate. What affects one affects another” - Anonymous.

Health is defined as a state when body, mind, and spirit are in perfect harmony.


Healing can be an impact on the process of restoration. It can cure a human being on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level.


For physical ailments, it creates Balance and thus resolves health concerns. For mental and emotional imbalances, it restores peace, provides optimism, enhances confidence and self-love.

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