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Pet Healing / Animal Healing

Heal your pet with our compassionate care

  • 30 min
  • 1,100 Indian rupees
  • Google Meet / Zoom Call

Service Description

Embark on a transformative journey for your pet's well-being with our innovative Pet Healing Therapy service. This remarkable service taps into the potent realm of Distance Healing, providing care and relief to your pet no matter the physical distance between you and our expert healers. Offered in a series of three sessions, our service is designed to optimize your pet's physical health, emotional state, and overall happiness. Benefits: Our Distance Pet Healing Therapy is an excellent solution for various pet health and well-being issues. The therapy can: Alleviate Physical Discomfort: If your pet is suffering from any chronic ailments or recent injuries, our healing sessions can offer relief from the physical pain or discomfort. Promote Emotional Stability: Just like humans, pets can also experience emotional distress, anxiety, or depression. Our pet healing therapy aids in stabilizing their emotional state, promoting calmness and reducing anxiety levels. Boost Overall Well-being: Through our sessions, pets can experience an overall improvement in their well-being, resulting in more activity, improved appetite, and healthier sleep patterns. Enhance Bond Between Pet and Owner: As a pet parent, your energy is crucial for your pet's well-being. Our therapy enhances this bond, positively impacting your pet's emotional state. Safe & Non-Invasive: Distance healing is entirely non-invasive, posing no risks to your pet's health. Pre-Session Instructions: Quiet Space: Ensure your pet is in a quiet, comfortable space where they can relax without interruptions. Hydration: Keep fresh water available for your pet, as they may get thirsty after the session. Open Mind: As a pet parent, approach the session with an open mind and positive intentions for your pet's wellness. Post-Session Instructions: Observation: Monitor your pet's behaviour, energy levels, and overall wellness for changes. Note any significant improvements or concerns. Rest: Allow your pet ample time to rest and integrate the healing energy after each session. Hydration & Nutrition: Ensure your pet stays hydrated and receives a balanced diet to help their body recover and replenish. Communication: Stay in touch with us, sharing any significant observations or concerns that may arise post-session.

Contact Details

  • The Cosmic Connect Most Trusted center for Psychic Tarot Reading | Reiki Healing | Mokshapat Reading| Gemstones & Crystals, Gg-1 Road, Block GG1, Vikaspuri, Delhi, India

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