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Past Life Regression

Discover Your Past Lives for Better Future

  • 3 hr
  • From 8,000 Indian rupees
  • In-person

Service Description

Past Life Regression is a powerful tool that allows you to explore your past lives, uncover hidden memories, and gain insight into your present self. This technique involves guided hypnotherapy that helps you access past life memories that are buried in your subconscious mind. At The Cosmic Connect, our therapists are highly qualified and experienced practitioners who have helped countless clients on their spiritual journey. During a session, our therapists guide you through deep relaxation techniques and lead you into a state of hypnosis. This allows you to access past life memories relevant to your current life. The benefits of Past Life Regression are numerous. It can be helpful to overcome fears and phobias, heal past traumas, release negative patterns and beliefs, and better understand your purpose in life. You might discover connections with people in your present life, understand current relationships, and identify areas of personal growth. It's important to note that while Past Life Regression can be a transformative and enlightening experience, it may not be suitable for everyone. It's not recommended for those with severe mental health issues or who are easily induced into hypnosis. Our therapists are trained to screen potential clients to ensure they can benefit from and handle the experience. Our therapists combine a nurturing and empathetic attitude with their vast experience and training to offer personalized sessions. They make a safe and supportive environment that allows you to easily explore your past lives and access your higher self. So, if you're looking for guidance on a deeper level of self-discovery or experience healing on a spiritual level, Past Life Regression might be just what you need. Book your session today and unlock the mysteries of your past lives. Past Life Regression Session: Guidelines & Considerations Expert therapists facilitate the process of Past Life Regression, but its success is predominantly determined by the individual's readiness and capacity to regress. We offer a complimentary second attempt if you cannot access past memories in the first session. However, after the second try, no further sessions will be provided. Importantly, should you not be able to regress into a past life due to any reason, the charges will remain non-refundable. We stress the significance of trust and sincerity. We encourage only those who genuinely trust the process and are open to embracing any outcome.

Contact Details

  • The Cosmic Connect Most Trusted center for Psychic Tarot Reading | Reiki Healing | Mokshapat Reading| Gemstones & Crystals, Gg-1 Road, Block GG1, Vikaspuri, Delhi, India


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