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Tarot Card Reading Course

Mastering Tarot -
Rider Waite Deck 

No. of Sessions - 7

Pre-recorded Sessions - NA

Learn in a Batch - 9000

Learn in Personalized Sessions - 18000

Unveil the mystic realm of tarot card reading and dive deep into the symbology, imagery, and interpretations of the iconic Rider Waite deck. This comprehensive course is tailored for individuals keen on mastering the art of tarot reading, whether you're a beginner curious about the world of tarot or an intermediate seeking to refine your skills. With a combination of theory, practice, and intuitive techniques, you'll emerge confident and proficient in providing insightful readings.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Tarot: History, origins, and the evolution of tarot cards.


Understanding the Rider Waite Deck: An in-depth look at its symbols, imagery, and design.


Major Arcana Deep Dive: Interpretations, stories, and lessons behind each card.


Minor Arcana Exploration: Deciphering the suits, numbers, and their intertwined meanings.


Card Combinations: How to read cards in tandem and the narrative they weave together.


Spreads and Layouts: Discover the myriad ways to lay cards for varied insights from the classic Celtic Cross to customised spreads.


Intuition and Tarot: Honing your intuition to enhance reading accuracy and depth.


Ethics in Tarot Reading: Best practices for giving readings responsibly and respectfully.


Practical Exercises: Real-world scenarios to practice and refine your skills.


Advanced Reading Techniques: Moving beyond basics to provide deep, transformative readings.



  • An open mind and willingness to learn.

  • A Rider Waite tarot deck.

  • No prior experience with tarot is necessary, but a basic familiarity can be advantageous.


Course Benefits:

Holistic Understanding: Acquire a profound understanding of the Rider Waite deck, its symbols, and interpretations.

Enhanced Intuition: Develop and trust your intuitive abilities, amplifying your tarot reading skills.

Certification: Upon course completion, earn a certificate validating your expertise in tarot card reading with the Rider Waite deck.

Community Access: Join a vibrant community of tarot enthusiasts, share readings, gain insights, and participate in group discussions.

Life-long Skills: Tarot reading can be a personal tool for reflection, a professional skill, or even a meditative practice.

Your trainer

Dr. Usha Bhatt

Dr. Usha Bhatt, a distinguished Psychic Healer and an esteemed Tarot Reader with a profound journey spanning over two decades in the mystical and healing arts. Dr. Bhatt's expertise also encompasses Past Life Therapy and Mokshpat Reading, through which she offers deep insights and transformative experiences.


With more than 20 years dedicated to training and teaching, she has guided countless individuals on their paths to spiritual awakening and emotional healing. Dr. Bhatt's holistic approach and intuitive mastery make her a beacon for those seeking guidance and clarity in their lives. Join her to explore the depths of your past, present, and future, and embark on a journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment.

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Dr. Usha Bhatt
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