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Reiki Level 1 & 2






About the Course

Discover the power of universal energy and embark on a journey of self-transformation in our "Reiki Healing Level 1" course. Unearth the ancient wisdom of energy healing and nurture a connection with your inner self that transcends the physical world. Learn to harness the spiritual power of Reiki to enhance your well-being, alleviate stress, promote healing in yourself and others, and establish a harmonious relationship with your environment.


Course Outline:

  1. Introduction to Reiki: Uncover the remarkable journey of Reiki from its roots to its present-day practice.

  2. Understanding Energy Healing: Grasp the concept of energy and its role in healing and holistic wellness.

  3. Exploring the Philosophy of Reiki: Delve deep into the spiritual underpinnings and principles of Reiki.

  4. The Chakra and Aura System: Discover the interplay of Auras and the Chakra system in maintaining physical and spiritual balance.

  5. Energy Cleansing Techniques: Master the art of purifying your energy field.

  6. Mastering Reiki Hand Positions: Learn essential hand positions for self-treatment and healing others.

  7. Self-Reiki Practices: Techniques for conducting effective Reiki self-treatments.

  8. Providing Reiki to Others: Understand how to channel Reiki healing energy to help others.

  9. Reiki for Animals and Pets: Discover how Reiki can contribute to the well-being of your pets and other animals.

  10. Reiki for Plants and Objects: Extend your healing touch to plants and inanimate objects.

  11. Applying Reiki to Situations: Learn to use Reiki to bring positivity to challenging situations.

  12. Meditation and Reiki: Integrate meditative practices with Reiki for a holistic healing approach.

  13. Breathing Techniques: Uncover the importance of breath control in directing energy flow.

  14. Reiki Principles for Life: Apply the principles of Reiki to everyday life for harmony and balance.

  15. Reiki in the Workplace: Tips for utilizing Reiki to foster a positive work environment.

This course is designed to make Reiki accessible, impactful, and transformative in your daily life. Begin your journey toward energy mastery and holistic healing today with Reiki Healing Level 1.

"Advanced Reiki Healing - Level 2 Mastery" is designed to elevate your Reiki skills beyond the basics, this course aims to refine your understanding of universal life force energy and its transformative applications. Here, you will unravel the profound secrets of Reiki symbols, develop an intuition-led healing practice, and explore methods for personal growth. Get ready to unlock new horizons in your healing journey.

The revised course content has been laid out clearly and engagingly. This ensures it resonates with both search engines and potential learners.

Course Content:

  1. Revisiting Reiki Level 1 Essentials: Begin with a comprehensive review of key concepts and practices from the first level to ensure a solid foundation for advanced learning.

  2. Mastering the Power Symbol: Learn about the potent Reiki Power Symbol, its significance, and its usage in various healing scenarios.

  3. Exploring the Harmony Symbol: Uncover the symbolism and application of the Harmony Symbol in restoring balance and tranquillity.

  4. Understanding the Distant/Connection Symbol: Dive into the enigmatic world of the Distant/Connection Symbol, which allows energy healing across space and time.

  5. Symbol Usage in Personal Healing: Discover practical methods for utilizing symbols in your own self-treatment regimen.

  6. Symbol Application in Healing Others: Learn how to use symbols when treating others to maximize healing impact effectively.

  7. Intuitive Reiki & Body Scanning: Develop intuitive abilities and understand body scanning techniques for a more targeted and effective Reiki practice.

  8. Personal Growth through Reiki: Explore how Reiki can foster personal development and spiritual growth.

  9. Meditative Practices in Reiki: Learn meditation techniques to enhance your Reiki experience and maximize energy flow.

  10. Advanced Energy Cleansing Techniques: Gain knowledge of advanced methods to cleanse your energy field and surroundings for a more potent healing process.

  11. Distance Healing Mastery: Learn how to send healing energy distantly to people, places, or situations, transcending physical boundaries.

  12. Reiki for Situational Healing: Understand how to direct Reiki energy to specific situations for resolution, healing, and transformation.

Course Benefits:

• Hands-on, interactive learning experience with a blend of theoretical and practical sessions.

• Exposure to traditional Reiki symbols and their integration into daily practice.

• A supportive community for group practice and insightful discussions.

• Teacher support beyond the classroom for continual learning and growth.

• Attunements and initiations that expand your healing abilities.

• A comprehensive course manual and access to recorded sessions for future reference.

• Reiki Level 2 Certification upon course completion, paving the way for professional practice.

Your Instructor

Dr. Usha Bhatt

Dr. Usha Bhatt

Dr. Usha Bhatt, a distinguished Psychic Healer and an esteemed Tarot Reader with a profound journey spanning over two decades in the mystical and healing arts. Dr. Bhatt's expertise also encompasses Past Life Therapy and Mokshpat Reading, through which she offers deep insights and transformative experiences. With more than 20 years dedicated to training and teaching, she has guided countless individuals on their paths to spiritual awakening and emotional healing. Dr. Bhatt's holistic approach and intuitive mastery make her a beacon for those seeking guidance and clarity in their lives. Join her to explore the depths of your past, present, and future, and embark on a journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment.

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