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Tarot Reading

Art of Card Reading

Unlock the Secrets of the Tarot Cards: Discover, Learn, and Empower

Dr. Usha Bhatt

Presented by
Dr. Usha Bhatt
Founder & Coach at
The Cosmic Connect

Embark on a Unique Tarot Adventure: Join Dr. Usha Bhatt's One-Time Only Workshop

Discover the world of Tarot with Dr. Usha Bhatt, a renowned Psychic Healer and Tarot Reader with over two decades of expertise in the mystical arts. Dr. Bhatt brings her deep understanding and transformative approach to Tarot, offering participants a rare opportunity to learn from a master.


This exclusive 3-day workshop is your gateway to mastering the secrets of Tarot readings, enhancing your intuitive skills, and exploring your spiritual path. Dive into the mysteries of the cards in a supportive environment and unlock profound insights about your past, present, and future. Don't miss this one-time opportunity to journey with Dr. Bhatt towards self-discovery and empowerment.


Join us for an enlightening experience that promises to open new doors to understanding and personal growth.

Award Winning Coach

In this workshop we will cover

The Essence of Tarot: Understanding the Basics

Introduction to Tarot

Minor & Major Arcana

The Four Suits

Intuitive Skills & Reading Techniques

Developing Intuition

Layouts and Spreads

Practical Reading

Advanced Insights & Real-Life Application

Incorporating Tarot in Daily Life

Ethics of Tarot Reading

Tarot Cards _ Crystals

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