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"Every Human being is the author of his own health or disease"----Buddha.


Reiki can be best understood when we dissect the two constituent Japanese words.


Rei (God's wisdom or higher power) + Ki (Energy)



In Indian concept, it's known as Universal Energy (prevalent everywhere)


We are all aware that the concept of energy is present in everything. Everything around us is 99.9% energy and 0.1% matter, astonishing, isn't it?


Reiki is an ancient alternative technique of healing that believes that health comes from Ki (energy) rather than the physical condition of the body. It's known as Chi - in Chinese and Prana – in Asian cultures (Establishing the fact that many ancient civilizations across the world acknowledge the power and the benefits of Reiki).


When Ki is blocked or is low, one experiences negative thoughts and obstructions, suffers from diseases and ailments, and when Ki is charged and flows freely, it creates a healthy body, mind, and soul. So "Reiki" is best described as any practice of healing that uses universal life force energy.


The energy is free and is available in abundance around us. Only we must express desire, discipline, and attune ourselves to using this energy.


Anyone can become a recipient or learn Reiki, even kids and the elderly. It is free from any religious beliefs, gender, or age barriers. It's more spiritually aligned and is known to have been practiced by Tibetan Buddhist Monks in ancient India, although events and extracts indicate its existence much earlier to Christ and Buddha. Not much literature is available about the discovery of Reiki.