Distance Healing & Chakra Balancing

Get Healing Reiki & Chakra Balancing done around the world

  • 45 minutes
  • 999 Indian rupees
  • The Cosmic Connect

Service Description

Distant healing means that one can use her energy field to align people's energy fields all over the world. They may join the session either on phone or video call or just through their photo, and we send the healing energy into their bodies to have their chakras balanced. Chakras are the seven centers of psychic energy that radiate through the body from the bottom of the spinal cord all the way up to the crown of the head. Although the chakras are usually associated with health and wellness, they have much to do with our emotional and spiritual beings. Chakras, or energy centers, are essential for the energetic human body. They control our health and play a vital role in spiritual, mental, and emotional development. What does it mean when a chakra becomes blocked or out of balance? It is believed that any issues you are experiencing result from one or more of your Chakras being out of harmony somehow. When each of the seven major Chakras is balanced, it corresponds to specific energetic vibrations associated with sounds, colors, and elements. When a chakra is out of harmony, the energy flow into it is reduced or even stopped. The chakra may also gradually 'leak' energy like a punctured tire. Each chakra governs and works with different physical, mental, and emotional well-being aspects. Different vibrations travel to different parts of the body, which is true for your chakras.

Contact Details

  • The Cosmic Connect, Gg-1 Road, Block GG1, Vikaspuri, Delhi, India