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Healing Benefits: Discover the enchanting powers of our Malachite Angel, meticulously crafted to enhance your spiritual and emotional well-being. This exquisite figurine serves as a potent tool for:


  • Emotional Healing: Malachite is renowned for drawing out emotional negativity, bringing suppressed feelings to the surface and helping restore balance.
  • Protection: Often used as a guardian stone, Malachite shields against negative energies and harmful environmental pollutants.
  • Transformation: This stone encourages risk-taking and change, aiding in transforming one's life with its insightful guidance.
  • Heart Chakra Activation: Aligning the Heart Chakra fosters unconditional love and aids in healing heartache, enhancing the ability to give and receive love.


Chakra Connection: Malachite is closely linked to the Heart Chakra, making it a vital ally in clearing obstructions and fostering an open, loving heart.


Lore and History: Traditionally revered by ancient civilizations for its powerful protective and healing qualities, Malachite was often used in talismans and amulets. It was believed to protect travellers and aid in overcoming change-associated fears.


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal


Ritual Ideas:

  • Place your Malachite Angel in your living space or office to invite protective energies and maintain emotional balance.
  • Hold during meditation to enhance your connection to the Heart Chakra and facilitate transformative insights.


Placing: As a figurine, this Malachite Angel is perfect for keeping close to your desk or bedside table to continuously benefit from its energies.


Cleansing & Charging:

  • Refrain from regularly cleaning your Malachite Angel in water. Be careful, as Malachite is sensitive to water, acids, and heat.
  • Recharge its energies by placing it on a selenite slab or in the moonlight during a waning moon for deep purification and renewal.

Malachite Angel 2 Inches Protective, Stress Relief & Transformation Guide

₹799.00 Regular Price
₹549.00Sale Price
  • Product Details & Specifications

    • Dimensions: 2 inches (height)
    • Materials: 100% Natural Malachite Stone
    • Weight: 25-30gms. Approx.
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