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The Triple Protection Healing Bracelet is more than just a piece of jewellery - it's a powerful tool for improving overall health and well-being. This Bracelet is Made with three different crystals, and this bracelet brings together the healing properties of Hematite, Tiger Eye, and Black Obsidian Crystal in one dynamic piece.


Hematite is renowned for its grounding and stabilizing effects. It is said to help reduce anxiety, promote emotional balance, and improve focus and concentration. This crystal is also believed to be effective in easing physical ailments such as headaches, joint pain, and fatigue.


Tiger Eye is a stone of persistence, Guidance and courage. It is said to promote mental clarity, boost self-confidence, and help with decision-making. In addition, this crystal is thought to be particularly effective in promoting physical strength and endurance.


Black Obsidian Crystal is a powerful grounding stone believed to help with emotional healing. It absorbs negative energy and release stress, helping to peace of calm and relaxation. This crystal is also believed to promote physical healing by alleviating pain and fighting infection.


By combining these three powerful crystals in one bracelet, the Combination Healing Bracelet offers a wide range of benefits for mental, physical, and spiritual health. So if you want peace and relief from anxiety, to improve your focus and concentration, or promote physical healing and endurance, this bracelet has you covered.


Avoiding exposure to extreme temperatures or harsh chemicals is important when caring for your Combination Healing Bracelet.

Triple Protection AA Quality Healing Bracelet

PriceFrom ₹499.00