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Evil's Eyes are a collection of powerful protective stones. They are said to be a source of good luck and protection. The Evil Eye is a symbol of ill fortune. It is a black dot that is placed in the middle of the forehead of a person who is considered to be a bad luck. The Evil Eye is believed to cause a person's misfortune by placing a negative influence on their life. It can also cause illness, injury, and even death. The evil eye is often thought to be a curse from a jealous person or even a witch. The evil eye has been said to cause misfortune and to have a negative effect on things such as health, wealth, luck, and relationships. This belief is still practiced today, although in many cases the belief is not based on fact

The Cosmic Connect Flower Evil Eye Door and Office Entrances Hanging

₹999.00 Regular Price
₹449.00Sale Price
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