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Sunstone is a light-inspiring, joyful stone. It instils a sense of goodness and sharpens intuition. Sunstone will restore the sweetness of life and assist you in nurturing yourself. This stone clears all of the chakras and brings in light and energy, allowing the true self to shine through happily. It was once associated with benevolent gods, as well as luck and good fortune. During meditation and daily life, this alchemical stone brings in a profound link to light and the regenerative power of the sun.

Sunstone is particularly effective at extracting "hooks" from others, whether in the chakras or the aura. Possessive parents, children, or lovers may provide these hooks on a mental or emotional level. They have a draining effect on your resources. Sunstone is excellent for tying ties since it lovingly returns the touch to the other party. If you have trouble saying "No" and constantly making sacrifices for others, keep the Sun Stone with you at all times. It promotes self-empowerment, liberty, and vitality by removing codependency. Sunstone will help you conquer procrastination if it's holding you back.

Sunstone has antidepressant properties and helps to improve low moods. It's perfect for seasonal depression, as it brightens up the gloomy winter months. It frees you from feelings of discrimination, disadvantage, and abandonment. Sunstone reverses feelings of failure and increases self-worth and confidence by removing inhibitions and hang-ups. Sunstone, when placed on the solar plexus, raises and transmutes solid or repressed emotions.

Sunstones stimulate the autonomous nervous system and harmonize all organisms. It relieves stomach ulcers and treats chronic sore throats. Sunstone improves any depression and is particularly effective for seasonal affective disorder. Sunstone may be gridded all over the body to help with cartilage issues, rheumatism, and general aches and pains.

Sun Stone Tumbles

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