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The Dodecahedron is a polyhedron with twenty verities and thirty edges made up of twelve equilateral pentagons arranged around a central point. The Dodecahedron is one of the Platonic Solids, defined by Plato over 2300 years ago as the most complex solid that can be created in 3D from the same equilateral, equiangular polygons. 


The Dodecahedron is the perfect union of the cube and the sphere, and thus of the finite and infinite. Plato attributed the Dodecahedron to Ether, or Spirit, while others believe it belongs to the Universe. In either case, meditating with the Dodecahedron can bring both cosmic contemplation and a sense of wholeness.


Orgone Crystals Dodecahedron is made from various natural crystals sourced from around the world. When Natural Chakra crystals react with Orgone Energy, powerful vibrational energy is created, bringing positivity to all. Orgone Crystals with chakra healing natural crystals infused in Orgone Mold to make this powerful positive Energy generator Dodecahedron have inspired us. Our Orgone Dodecahedron creates an energetic environment around it. Resin attracts energy by having a molecular structure that includes carbon atom chains, making it an 'organic' compound. 


The healing power of the Orgone Crystal Dodecahedron opens the Heart, Mind, and Spirit. It was created to protect against harmful e-emissions and be used in Reiki healing practices, yoga meditation kits, and to enjoy positive vibrations. Clear Cast Resin and a Special Flower of Life or Tree of Life Symbol are all used to create our Orgonite Crystal. 


Please note that our Orgonite Crystal is handcrafted in India by the best artisans. Because it is handcrafted, it may vary slightly from the images.

Sodalite Dodecahedron to promote peace, harmony, and tranquility

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