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Healing Benefits: Unleash tranquillity and spiritual purity with our Natural Selenite Spiral Lamp. Known for its powerful cleansing properties, this lamp is perfect for:

  • Crown Chakra Activation: This activation elevates spiritual connections and enhances clarity of mind, making it ideal for meditation and spiritual practices.
  • Energy Clearing: Emits a serene aura that purifies the space, dispelling negative energy and inviting peace.
  • Mental Clarity: This herb supports mental focus and clears confusion, helping you see clearly and move forward purposefully.
  • Stress Relief: It is known for its relaxing effects, which help reduce anxiety and produce a quiet state of mind.
  • Enhanced Wellbeing: Radiates positive energy, improving the ambience and promoting a sense of wellbeing.


Historical Lore & Traditional Uses: Selenite is named after the Greek goddess of the moon, who has been celebrated throughout the ages for her luminous, moon-like glow and spiritual significance. Traditionally used by healers to cleanse auras and instil deep peace, it is believed to carry the moon's light, bringing balance and harmony to those who keep it near.


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal:

Ritual Ideas:

  • Meditative Light: Place the lamp in your meditation or yoga space to enhance spiritual connectivity and mental clarity.
  • Bedside Companion: Use it by your bedside for a restful sleep and to promote positive dreams.
  • Gifting Bliss: Perfect as a thoughtful gift that brings light and purification to loved ones' spaces.


Cleansing & Charging:

  • Cleansing: Selenite is self-cleaning. However, it can be renewed by wiping it with a soft, dry cloth and exposing it to moonlight.
  • Charging: Enhance its energy by setting intentions while holding the lamp or using sound vibrations like a singing bowl.

Selenite Spiral Lamp for Space Cleansing with Detachable Light Base

SKU: Lamp_002(3)