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Embrace the gentle energies of Ruby Jade with our beautifully crafted tumbled neck chain. Known for its deep connection to the Heart and Root Chakras, this exquisite necklace offers not only a touch of elegance but also a myriad of healing benefits:


  • Emotional Healing: Ruby Jade is a powerful ally in healing emotional wounds, promoting peace and calm in turbulent times.
  • Enhanced Passion and Love: Often used in traditions to attract and nurture love, Ruby Jade helps open the heart to receive and give love more freely.
  • Boosts Courage: Strengthen your inner resilience and confidence, making it easier to tackle challenging situations.
  • Spiritual Growth: Encourages spiritual growth by grounding you through the Root Chakra, enhancing your connection to the Earth.
  • Protection: Offers protective qualities that shield the wearer from negative energies.


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal


Wearing Your Necklace: Wear your Ruby Jade neck chain daily to feel its grounding and loving energies. It's suitable for both casual and formal situations and adds a natural touch of beauty to any attire.


Ritual Ideas: Begin your day with a short meditation while holding your necklace, setting intentions of love and protection. It's also ideal for rituals to enhance emotional and spiritual well-being.


Cleansing & Charging: To maintain your Ruby Jade's purity, cleanse it on a selenite charging plate or under the full moonlight overnight.

Ruby Jade Tumbled Neck Chain for Harmonizing Heart & Root Chakra, Enhances Love

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