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Healing Benefits:

  • Emotional Healing: Rose Quartz is famously called the "Heart Stone" because it dissolves emotional wounds, fears, and resentments, ushering in a wave of loving energy.
  • Love Attraction: It enhances love in virtually any situation, helping to improve relationships or inviting new love.
  • Stress Relief: Well-known for its comforting and calming qualities, it fosters peace, tranquillity and consolation during difficult times.
  • Self-Love: Encourages self-forgiveness and acceptance, invoking self-trust and self-worth.


Traditional Lore: Historically, Rose quartz is still a symbol of beauty and love and has been used in love rituals and celebrations for ages. It is known in ancient lore as a stone that can mend broken hearts and offer soothing energy.


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal:


Ritual Ideas:

  • Place your Rose Quartz Tree in the relationship corner of your home (the farthest right rear corner from the front door) to enhance love and harmony.
  • Meditate before your tree, envisioning pink healing light surrounding you to open and heal your Heart Chakra.


Cleansing & Charging:

  • Cleansing: Gently wash the Rose Quartz under running water in down word monthly to cleanse it energetically.
  • Charging: Charge your tree under moonlight during a full moon for a night, enhancing the crystal's healing properties.

Rose Quartz Crystal Tree for Love Blossom, and Heart Chakra Healing

PriceFrom ₹590.00
  • Material: Rose Quartz Crystals, Copper Wire

    Number of Crystals: 100, 300, and 500 Beads

    Base Material: Wood

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