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Healing Benefits:

  • Emotional Healing: Rose Quartz, often called the 'stone of love', promotes compassion, peace, and unconditional love. It aids in mending broken hearts and encourages forgiveness.
  • Stress Relief: Amethyst is known for soothing the mind and emotions, serving as a natural stress reliever. It helps alleviate anxiety and brings clarity during times of confusion.
  • Chakra Alignment: These crystals balance the Heart and Crown Chakras, enhancing emotional balance and spiritual awareness.
  • Protection: Amethyst also offers protective properties, guarding against negative energies and enhancing personal environments with a shield of spiritual light.


Traditional Lore: Rose Quartz has been used throughout history for its healing properties. It is believed to have been discovered by ancient Egyptians, who used it as a token of love. Amethyst's lore traces back to ancient Greece, where it was thought to prevent intoxication and keep the wearer clear-headed and quick-witted.


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal Tree:


Ritual Ideas:

  • Place your Rose Quartz and Amethyst Crystal Tree in the relationship corner of your home (the farthest right rear corner from the entrance) to enhance love and harmony.
  • Meditate near the tree to enhance the emotional release and foster a deeper connection with your higher self.


Cleansing & Charging:

  • Cleanse your crystal tree under running water monthly to wash away stagnant energy.
  • Recharge the crystals by placing the tree under moonlight during a full moon for a night of revitalization.


Embrace the harmonious blend of love and tranquillity with this exquisite Rose Quartz and Amethyst Crystal Tree. It is an excellent addition to your living area or a lovely gift for someone special.

Rose Quartz & Amethyst Crystal Tree for Love, and Calmness Enhancer

PriceFrom ₹690.00
    • Material: Rose Quartz & Amethyst and Wooden base
    • Height: Approximately 11 inches
    • Weight: Approximately 300 grams
    • Number of Beads: 200, 300 & 500 beads
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