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The sunstone is a highly effective crystal in cleansing your chakras and aura. It helps in removing hooks from possessive lovers, loved ones or anyone draining of your energies. The sunstone crystal surrounds these hooks with positive and loving energies and returning them back to the source.Those who hold back can find their self-doubts and fears melting away in the presence of the sunstone crystal. It also erases feelings of being discriminated against, abandoned or disadvantaged.In addition to providing energy, crystals can help to keep you protected from misfortune. They also provide a source of power that you can tap into and use for whatever purpose is most beneficial to you.They are used as protection against negative energy, such as jealousy and discord. They can also help with positive energy like love and harmony in relationships.

Natural Sunstone Rough Stone for Reiki Healing 250Gms.

₹700.00 Regular Price
₹350.00Sale Price
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