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Unlock the potent energies of stability and strength with our Natural Red Jasper Puffy Heart. Known as the "Stone of Endurance," Red Jasper is cherished for its profound grounding and nurturing properties. A kind gift for loved ones or a beautiful addition to your collection of healing crystals, this exquisitely carved heart shape emphasizes the stone's inherent qualities.

Primary Healing Benefits:

  • Grounding and Stability: Red Jasper provides a deep sense of grounding, promoting stability in both emotional and physical realms.
  • Strength and Vitality: Known for boosting stamina, Red Jasper infuses a surge of physical strength and endurance.
  • Emotional Balance: It helps balance emotions, alleviate stress, and foster a calm, centred state of mind.
  • Sacral and Root Chakra Healing: Activates and energizes the Sacral and Root Chakras, enhancing creativity, passion, and a sense of security.
  • Protective Shield: Acts as a protective stone, warding off negative energies and promoting a secure environment.

Lore and History: Many ancient cultures have held red jasper in high regard, especially the Egyptians, who employed it in talismans and amulets for protection and healing. Known as a stone of endurance, it has been used to foster strength and stability throughout history.



How to Use and Care for Your Crystal:

Ritual Ideas:

  • Morning Meditation: Hold the Red Jasper Puffy Heart in your hand during your morning meditation to ground your energy and enhance focus for the day ahead.
  • Energy Bath: Place the stone in your bathwater to infuse the water with its grounding and protective properties.
  • Workspace Harmony: Keep the Red Jasper heart on your desk or workspace to maintain a balanced and stress-free environment.


  • Pocket Companion: Carry the Puffy Heart in your pocket or bag to stay grounded and protected throughout the day.
  • Energy Grid: Place it in a crystal grid to amplify its stabilizing energy.

Cleansing & Charging:

  • Cleansing: To remove your Red Jasper of any negative energy it may have absorbed, cleanse it with Palo Santo or run it under water.
  • Charging: Charge it by placing it in full moonlight for several hours to rejuvenate its natural energies.

Embrace the grounding and protective energies of the Natural Red Jasper Puffy Heart and experience a balanced and harmonious life.


Natural Red Jasper Puffy Heart Grounding, Strength & Emotional Balance

PriceFrom ₹650.00
    • Dimensions: Approximately 2 inches in diameter
    • Crystal: 100% Natural Red Jasper
    • Colour: Deep Red with Natural Variations
    • Charged By: Reiki Master Healer
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