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Embrace the radiant energy of our Natural Pyrite Ganesh Idol, a divine fusion of sacred symbolism and powerful crystal healing. Crafted from genuine Pyrite, revered for its association with abundance and protection, this enchanting idol embodies the essence of Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles and bestower of prosperity.


Key Healing Benefits:

1. Abundance & Prosperity: Pyrite's golden hues resonate with the Solar Plexus Chakra, igniting an inner fire and manifesting abundance in all aspects of life.

2. Protection & Grounding: Its protective energy shields against negative vibrations while grounding you to the earth's stabilizing forces.

3. Willpower & Confidence: Pyrite empowers you to assert your will and step boldly into your ambitions, fostering confidence and self-assurance.


Connected Chakras: Solar Plexus & Root Chakra


Lore & History:

Throughout history, Pyrite has been treasured for its resemblance to gold, earning it the nickname "Fool's Gold." In ancient civilizations, it was used as a symbol of wealth and vitality, believed to attract prosperity and safeguard against harm.


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal:

1. Ritual Ideas: Place your Pyrite Ganesh Idol on your altar or sacred space to invite divine blessings and abundance into your life. You can also meditate with it to deepen your connection with its energy.

2. Wearing: While Pyrite Ganesh Idol is not designed for wearing, you can carry a small piece of Pyrite in your pocket or purse to keep its energy close throughout the day.

3. Cleansing & Charging: Regularly cleanse your Pyrite Idol by smudging it with Palo Santo and Incense. Charge it under the light of the full moon to amplify its vibrant energy.


Experience the harmonious blend of spiritual wisdom and crystal healing with our Natural Pyrite Ganesh Idol. Embrace the blessings of abundance, protection, and divine guidance on your journey to prosperity.

Natural Pyrite Ganesh Idol for Harness Abundance & Protection

SKU: Idols027
  • - Dimensions: [Height 9inch Width 5inch]

    - Materials: Natural Pyrite

    - Weight: Approx 342gram

    - Other Details: Each idol is uniquely handcrafted; slight variations in colour and texture may occur.

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