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Elevate your spiritual space with our Natural Labradorite Ganesh Idol, handcrafted to infuse your home with positive energy and divine blessings. Labradorite, renowned for its iridescent hues, is revered for its powerful metaphysical properties. This exquisite Ganesh idol is not only a stunning decorative piece but also a potent tool for healing and manifestation.


Primary Healing Benefits:

1. Enhanced Intuition: The ethereal energy of labradorite awakens the Third Eye chakra, strengthening your psychic and intuitive faculties.

2. Protection & Grounding: Embrace a shield of Protection as Labradorite wards off negative energies while grounding you to the Earth's energies, promoting stability and balance.

3. Manifestation & Abundance: Invite abundance and prosperity into your life with Ganesh's blessings, supported by Labradorite's manifestation properties.


Connecting with Chakras: The Third Eye chakra is strongly resonated with labradorite, which enhances mental clarity and inner vision.  It also aligns with the Root chakra, grounding and stabilizing your energy.


Lore & History:

Throughout history, Labradorite has been revered by various cultures for its mystical properties. According to Inuit legend, labradorite dropped from the Aurora Borealis's frozen fire, encasing the majesty of the Northern Lights within its glittering depths.  Ancient cultures, including the Native Americans and the tribes of northern Europe, considered Labradorite a powerful protector and a source of mystical wisdom.


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal:

1. Ritual Ideas: Place your Labradorite Ganesh idol on your altar or in a prominent place in your home to amplify its energy and blessings. Incorporate it into your meditation or prayer sessions for enhanced spiritual connection.

2. Wearing: Even though Ganesh idols are not usually worn, you can still benefit from the energy of the stone throughout the day by wearing or carrying a little piece of labradorite as jewellery.

3. Cleansing & Charging: To maintain Labradorite's vibrancy, cleanse it regularly by smudging it with Palo Santo or Incense smoke. Charge it under the light of the full moon to rejuvenate its energy.


Embrace the transformative power of Labradorite and Ganesh's blessings as you embark on your journey of spiritual growth and abundance.

Natural Labradorite Ganesh Idol for Boost Intuition Power and Protection

SKU: Idols030
  • - Dimensions: Approx [Height 7cm Width 4cm]

    - Crystal: Natural Labradorite

    -Weight: 120g

    - Other Details: Handcrafted with care to preserve Labradorite's natural beauty and energy.

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