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Embrace Serenity and Peace with the Natural Howlite Puffy Heart

Discover the tranquil energy of the Natural Howlite Puffy Heart, a soothing companion designed to bring peace and calm into your life. For people looking for stress and anxiety treatment, this beautiful crystal is a great option because of its relaxing qualities. Charged by a Reiki Master Healer, this Howlite Puffy Heart is perfect for promoting restful sleep and encouraging patience and mindfulness.

Primary Healing Benefits:

  • Stress Relief: Howlite is renowned for its ability to absorb negative energy and ease stress, helping you achieve a state of serenity and peace.
  • Calming Energy: This stone promotes a calm and balanced mindset, reducing anxiety and tension.
  • Enhanced Sleep: Known to improve sleep quality, Howlite helps you enjoy a restful and rejuvenating night.
  • Emotional Healing: It encourages emotional expression and helps in the process of letting go of anger and resentment.
  • Increased Patience: Howlite is often used to enhance patience and tolerance, making it easier to navigate daily challenges.

Chakra Connection: While not strongly connected to a specific chakra, Howlite is often used to align and balance the Crown Chakra, fostering spiritual awareness and clarity.

Lore & History: Howlite was discovered in the 19th century by Canadian mineralogist Henry How. It has been valued for its calming properties and is often used in meditation to aid concentration and focus.



How to Use and Care for Your Crystal:

Ritual Ideas:

  • Meditation: Hold the Howlite Puffy Heart in your hand during meditation to enhance focus and deepen your practice.
  • Sleep Aid: To encourage peaceful sleep, place the Howlite on your nightstand or beneath your pillow.
  • Stress Relief: Carry the Howlite with you throughout the day to absorb negative energy and maintain a calm state of mind.

Wearing: As a puffy heart form, this Howlite crystal can be kept in a pocket, purse, or even as a part of your desk décor, providing a constant source of calming energy.

Cleansing and Charging:

  • Cleansing: Cleanse your Howlite Puffy Heart on a regular basis by smudging it with palo santo or sage, or by running it under water for a few minutes.
  • Charging: Recharge the crystal’s energy by placing it in moonlight overnight or using a crystal grid.

With its serene energy and multitude of benefits, the Natural Howlite Puffy Heart is a must-have for anyone seeking balance and peace in their daily life. Order now to experience the calming and healing properties of this remarkable crystal.

Natural Howlite Puffy Heart for Stress Relief, Calming Energy & Enhanced Sleep

PriceFrom ₹599.00
    • Dimensions: Approximately 2 inches in diameter
    • Materials: 100% Natural Howlite
    • Colour: White with grey veining
    • Charged By: Reiki Master Healer
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