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Experience the timeless power of the Natural Green Jade Zibu Coin, a symbol of wealth, prosperity, and emotional healing. This exquisite piece combines the ancient wisdom of jade with the powerful energy of Zibu symbols to bring abundance and harmony into your life.

Healing Benefits:

  • Wealth and Prosperity: Green Jade is known as the stone of abundance, attracting financial growth and success.
  • Emotional Healing: It soothes the heart, releasing negative emotions and promoting peace and balance.
  • Protection: Green Jade shields against negativity, ensuring a positive environment and mindset.
  • Heart Chakra Alignment: This powerful stone resonates with the Heart Chakra, enhancing love, compassion, and emotional well-being.
  • Good Fortune: Used traditionally in Feng Shui, the Green Jade Zibu Coin invites good luck and harmonious energy into your space.



How to Use and Care for Your Crystal:

Ritual Ideas:

  • Meditation: Hold the Green Jade Zibu Coin during meditation to focus on manifesting abundance and emotional healing.
  • Feng Shui Placement: Place the coin in your wealth corner (southeast area) or near your workspace to attract prosperity and success.
  • Gift of Good Fortune: Share the blessings of the Green Jade Zibu Coin by gifting it to loved ones, symbolizing your wishes for their prosperity and happiness.


  • As a coin, it can be carried in a wallet or purse to attract financial luck.

Cleansing and Charging:

  • Cleansing: Rinse the coin under running water to cleanse it of any absorbed negative energy.
  • Charging: Alternatively, leave it under the moonlight overnight, especially during a full moon, to enhance its vibrational power.

Embrace the harmonious energy of the Natural Green Jade Zibu Coin and invite a life filled with prosperity, emotional balance, and protection.

Natural Green Jade Zibu Coin for Wealth, Prosperity & Heart Chakra Balancing

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