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1. Genuine Green Garden Quartz Gemstones: The Green Garden Quartz Healing Bracelet is made with authentic Green Garden Quartz gemstones, showcasing their natural beauty and unique patterns resembling a garden. Each bead is carefully selected to ensure the vibrant colours and energetic qualities of Green Garden Quartz are captured.


2. Growth and Renewal: Green Garden Quartz is renowned for its ability to promote growth, renewal, and a strong connection to nature. This bracelet is a natural tool to support personal growth, invite positive change, and bring forth a sense of rejuvenation.


3. Stylish Design: With its captivating shades of green and versatile design, this healing bracelet can be worn as a fashionable accessory. The polished Green Garden Quartz beads are thoughtfully arranged on a durable elastic band, ensuring style and comfort.


4. Adjustable Fit: The elastic band allows easy and adjustable wearing, accommodating standard wrist sizes. This bracelet can also be made a standard size, ensuring comfortable and secure wear throughout the day.


5. Harmony with Nature: Green Garden Quartz fosters a deep connection with nature and the earth's healing energies. This bracelet can help you reconnect with the natural world, find solace in its beauty, and align yourself with the cycles of growth and renewal.


6. Self-Care and Gifting: Treat yourself or support a loved one with this meaningful and thoughtful gift. The Green Garden Quartz Healing Bracelet symbolizes growth, renewal, and a connection with nature, making it a perfect gift for those seeking revitalization and harmony.


Immerse yourself in the revitalizing energies of the Green Garden Quartz Healing Bracelet. Embrace the beauty of nature and let its rejuvenating vibrations transform your life. Rediscover your connection with the natural world, invite growth and renewal, and foster a sense of harmony and vitality in your journey.


Note: The Green Garden Quartz Healing Bracelet should not replace professional medical or psychological advice. Speaking with a medical expert regarding any medical concerns or seeking appropriate guidance for your well-being is advised.

Natural Green Garden Quartz 8mm Bracelet for Embrace Growth, Renewal

₹999.00 Regular Price
₹690.00Sale Price