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Elevate your spiritual space with our Natural Gold Sandstone Ganesh Idol, meticulously crafted to bring forth an aura of abundance and positive energy. Harnessing the ancient wisdom of crystal healing, this exquisite idol radiates with the vibrant energies of prosperity, protection, and harmony.


Key Healing Benefits:

1. Prosperity: Enhance your financial abundance and success with the empowering energy of Gold Sandstone, believed to attract wealth and opportunities into your life.

2. Protection: The protective properties of this celestial idol can help you defend both your physical and spiritual well-being by keeping out harmful energy and giving you a sense of security.

3. Harmony: Foster harmony and balance within your surroundings as the soothing vibrations of Gold Sandstone promote peace, tranquillity, and emotional stability.


Chakra Alignment: While Gold Sandstone is primarily associated with the Sacral Chakra, it also resonates with the Solar Plexus Chakra, facilitating a harmonious flow of energy throughout the body and spirit.


Lore and History: Many cultures have long seen gold sandstone as a sign of prosperity and fortune. Its golden flecks represent the everlasting presence of heavenly light, and it is thought to carry the energy of the sun, exuding warmth and vitality.


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal:

1. Ritual Ideas: Place the Ganesh idol in your home or office space to invite blessings of prosperity and protection. Use it in your meditation routine to improve concentration and establish a stronger spiritual bond.

2. Wearing: While this idol is meant for display, smaller Gold Sandstone crystals can be worn as jewellery to carry its energies with you throughout the day.

3. Cleansing & Charging: Regularly cleanse your Gold Sandstone Ganesh Idol by smudging with Palo Santo & Incense or placing it under the light of the full moon. Recharge its energies by placing it on a Plate of Selenite.


Elevate your spiritual journey and infuse your space with divine blessings with our Natural Gold Sandstone Ganesh Idol. Invite abundance, protection, and harmony into your life today!

Natural Gold Sandstone Ganesh Idol Invoking Prosperity, Protection, and Harmony

SKU: Idols013
  • Product Details & Specifications:

    - Dimensions: Approx [Height 8cm Width 4.5cm]

    -Crystal: Natural Gold Sandstone


    - Other Details: Carefully and precisely handcrafted to maintain the crystal's inherent beauty and energy.

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