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Experience the divine synergy of prosperity and protection with our Natural Clear Quartz Laxmi Ganesh Idol. Crafted from pure, untouched quartz, this exquisite idol radiates powerful energy to enhance your spiritual journey and bring blessings into your life.


Key Healing Benefits:

1. Amplifies Energy: The power of clear quartz is well known for amplifying the energy of other stones, ceremonies, and intentions, which can enhance your prayers and manifestations.

2. Purifies Aura: It cleanses negative energies, creating a protective shield around you and your space, promoting clarity of mind and harmony within.

3. Balances Chakras: Aligning with all chakras, Clear Quartz aids in restoring balance and vitality to your energetic system, fostering a sense of overall well-being.


Historical Significance:

In Hindu mythology, Lord Ganesha and Goddess Laxmi are revered as symbols of prosperity, abundance, and protection. Combining their energies with the purity of Clear Quartz enhances their divine attributes, creating a potent symbol of blessings and abundance.


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal:

1. Ritual Ideas: Place the Laxmi Ganesh Idol on your altar or sacred space and offer prayers and intentions for abundance and protection. For improved spiritual connection, you can also add it to your meditation routine.

2. Wearing: If the crystal is in wearable form (such as a pendant), wear it close to your heart to keep its energies aligned with your own.

3. Cleansing & Charging: Regularly cleanse your crystal by rinse it under running water, smudging it with Palo Santo and Incense. Charge it under the light of the full moon to replenish its energies.


Embrace the divine blessings of prosperity and protection with our Natural Clear Quartz Laxmi Ganesh Idol and invite harmony and abundance into your life.

Natural Clear Quartz Laxmi Ganesh Idol Manifest Abundance and Protection

SKU: Idols026
  • - Dimensions: [Height 2inch Width 2inch]

    - Crystal: Natural Clear Quartz

    - Weight: 30g

    - Other Details: Each idol is handcrafted, making it unique in its beauty and energy.

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