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Harness the powerful energy of the Natural Agate Ganesh Hanging Figurine to invite prosperity, protection, and positive vibrations into your space. This exquisite piece not only serves as a beautiful decoration but also brings the healing benefits of Agate and the blessings of Lord Ganesh into your home or office.


Primary Healing Benefits:

1. Protection: Strong defensive qualities associated with agate are well known for insulating you from harmful energy and instilling a feeling of stability.

2. Prosperity: Lord Ganesh, the remover of obstacles, combined with the prosperity-attracting energy of Agate, makes this figurine perfect for those seeking abundance and success.

3. Emotional Balance: Agate’s grounding energy helps stabilize emotions, promoting inner peace and calmness.

4. Chakra Alignment: Agate is associated with the Root Chakra, providing grounding and stability and helping to balance and harmonize the body’s energy centres.

5. Courage and Strength: Traditionally, Agate is believed to instil courage and strength, helping you to overcome challenges and face new opportunities with confidence.


Lore and History:

Agate has been used since ancient times for its protective and healing properties. The ancient Greeks and Egyptians prized it greatly and made amulets and talismans out of it. Hinduism reveres Lord Ganesh, the elephant-headed deity, as the remover of obstacles and the herald of fresh 


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal:


Ritual Ideas:

- Placement: Hang the Agate Ganesh Figurine in your home or office entrance to invite positive energy and remove obstacles.

- Meditation: Use during meditation to ground your energy and connect with the protective and prosperous energies of Lord Ganesh and Agate.


Wearing (as per the crystal form):

- While this figurine is designed for hanging, you can also place it on your altar or workspace for continuous benefits.


Cleansing & Charging:

- Cleansing: To cleanse your Agate Ganesh Figurine, gently wipe it with a damp cloth and smudge with sage or incense to remove any accumulated negative energy.

- Charging: Charge the figurine by placing it under the moonlight overnight or on a Selenite charging plate to restore its natural energy.


Bring home the Natural Agate Ganesh Hanging Figurine today and experience the harmonious blend of ancient wisdom and modern healing. Perfect for enhancing your spiritual practices, promoting prosperity, and safeguarding your space with its powerful protective energy.


Natural Agate Ganesh Hanging Figurine for Wealth, Protection & Positive Energy

SKU: Idols003
  • - Dimensions: Approximately 4 inches

    - Crystal: Natural Agate Stone

    - Weight: 80-110gram Approx

    - Additional Details: Comes with a sturdy hanging loop for easy placement.

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