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Healing Benefits:

  • Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz, the stone of unconditional love, activates the heart chakra, promoting deep emotional healing, self-love, and happy relationships.
  • Clear Quartz: Clear Quartz, often known as the "master healer," boosts energy and thought, promoting clarity, attention, and spiritual growth. It's related to the crown chakra.
  • Turquoise: A powerful protection stone, turquoise balances and aligns all chakras, stabilizes mood swings and instils inner calm. It is traditionally used as a talisman for health and good fortune.


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal Bracelet:


Usage: Wear this bracelet daily to keep its healing energies close to you. It can be worn alone or stacked with other bracelets for a stylish look. It is ideal for meditation, yoga, or as an everyday accessory.


Wearing: Wear on your left wrist to receive its calming and loving energies or on your right wrist to project them into the world. This bracelet is perfect for any occasion and makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones.


Gifting: This bracelet is excellent for those seeking love, clarity, and protection. It comes in a box and is ready to give at special events such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays.


Cleansing & Charging:


  • Cleansing: Your bracelet should be cleaned regularly. Smudge it with incense or Palo Santo for a few minutes.
  • Charging: To recharge the bracelet's energies, place it under moonlight overnight. You can also put it on a selenite charging plate.


Embrace the power of Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and Turquoise with this beautifully crafted bracelet, and let its healing energies enhance your life every day.

Love, Clarity & Protection Therapy Bracelet Reiki Charged

SKU: BLTS436(2)
PriceFrom ₹550.00
    • Wrist Size: 2.5-inch diameter to fit most wrist sizes
    • Bead Size: 6mm & 8mm
    • Materials: Natural Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz, and turquoise crystals
    • Weight: 19 grams
    • Charged by: Reiki Grand Master for enhanced healing energy
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