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Elevate your spiritual and financial well-being with the Shree Laxmi Orgone Pyramid. This powerful tool integrates Red Coral, Kaudi, Gomti Chakra, Rudraksha, and White Quartz, topped with a Copper Shree Yantra and an image of Shree Laxmi to amplify your manifestations.


Healing Benefits:

  • Attracts Abundance & Prosperity: The combination of Red Coral and the Copper Shree Yantra enhances wealth attraction and financial stability.
  • Promotes Positive Energy Flow: The Orgone energy, reinforced by White Quartz and Rudraksha, purifies your surroundings and boosts positive vibes.
  • Balances Chakras: Gomti Chakra aids in aligning your chakras, fostering inner peace and harmony.
  • Spiritual Protection: Rudraksha and Kaudi provide spiritual shielding and protection against negative energies.
  • Enhances Meditation & Manifestation: The Shree Yantra is a powerful tool for meditation, helping to focus your intentions and manifest desires.


Lore & History: In Vedic traditions, the Shree Yantra is considered the queen of Yantras, a sacred geometry believed to bring immense spiritual and material benefits. Red Coral has been used for centuries for its protective qualities, while Rudraksha is revered for its spiritual significance and protective powers.


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal:


Ritual Ideas:

  • Place the Shree Laxmi Orgone Pyramid in your home or office to attract wealth and prosperity.
  • Use during meditation to enhance focus and manifestation of your desires.



  • Position in the wealth corner of your home or workspace (Southeast area).
  • Place on your altar or sacred space to invite divine blessings and protection.


Cleansing & Charging:

  • Cleansing: Cleanse your pyramid under moonlight or by smudging with Palo Santo.
  • Charging: Recharge by placing it in full moonlight for a few hours or Place it in a selenite plate to rejuvenate its energy
  • Daily Care: Wipe gently with a soft cloth to keep it free from dust and negativity.


Bring home the Shree Laxmi Orgone Pyramid to harmonize your energy, attract prosperity, and invite divine blessings into your life.


Shree Laxmi Yantra Pyramid for Abundance, Prosperity & Positive Energy Generator

₹1,490.00 Regular Price
₹1,190.00Sale Price
    • Dimensions: 4 inches
    • Materials: Red Coral, Kaudi, Gomti Chakra, Rudraksha, White Quartz, Copper Shree Yantra
    • Colour: Multi-coloured
    • Weight: Approx. 376gram
    • Energized: Product charged by a Reiki Master Healer
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