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Healing Benefits:

  • Chakra Balancing: Primarily connected to the Throat Chakra, Lapis Lazuli facilitates clear communication and self-expression. It also stimulates the Third Eye Chakra, enhancing intuition and access to inner wisdom.
  • Mental Clarity and Stress Relief: Known for its soothing properties, Lapis Lazuli helps release stress, bringing deep peace and serenity to the wearer. It's perfect for those seeking calm in the chaos of daily life.
  • Protection Against Negativity: The Evil Eye charm guards against negative energies, ensuring that the wearer remains surrounded by positive vibes and protected from harm.
  • Enhances Intellectual Abilities: Lapis Lazuli is celebrated for boosting intellectual performance and improving memory and critical thinking skills.
  • Spiritual Enlightenment: Often used by royalty in ancient times, Lapis Lazuli helps in spiritual growth and stimulates personal and spiritual power.


Lore/History: Since ancient times, Lapis Lazuli has been a symbol of wisdom and truth. The Egyptians used it extensively in jewellery and as a pigment for the famed ultramarine colour in their art and decorations.


Product Details & Specifications:

  • Dimensions: Length - 5 inches
  • Bead size: 4 mm
  • Materials: Lapis Lazuli beads, Evil Eye charm
  • Thread: elastic thread


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal:


Ritual Ideas:

  • Wearing: For maximum benefits, wear the anklet on your left ankle to promote energy reception. It is perfect for meditation sessions or daily wear to keep the vibrations close.
  • Cleansing & Charging: Cleanse your anklet under lukewarm running water every fortnight and charge it by placing it under moonlight during a full moon for a night or by smudging it with sage.


By incorporating this Lapis Lazuli Anklet into your daily routine, you enhance your spiritual and protective energies and carry a piece of ancient history and wisdom around your ankle. Embrace the power of Lapis Lazuli and step forward with confidence and calm.

Lapis Lazuli Anklet with Evil Eye Charm Intuition Enhancement and Stress Relief

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