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Healing Benefits:

  • Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz opens the heart chakra to love in all forms, promoting self-love, friendship, and deep inner healing.
  • Rhodonite: This powerful stone helps to heal emotional wounds and scars from the past, providing emotional balance and nurturing love and compassion.
  • Turquoise: A master healer, Turquoise offers protection, enhances communication, and brings good fortune and peace.


Chakra Connections:

  • Rose Quartz: Heart Chakra
  • Rhodonite: Heart Chakra
  • Turquoise: Throat Chakra


Historically, these crystals have been used across cultures for their potent healing properties. The ancient Egyptians and Romans prized rose Quartz for its beauty and love-inducing properties. Rhodonite was used by the ancient Greeks to comfort the heart, and Turquoise was


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal Rakhi:


Wearing: Wear your Good Luck Crystal Rakhi on your brother's wrist to benefit from the energies of Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Turquoise throughout the day. This Rakhi is a symbol of protection and a beacon of positive energy, love, and prosperity.


Cleansing and Charging:

  • Cleansing: To cleanse your Rakhi, smudge it with incense or palo santo to clear negative energies.
  • Charging: Place your Rakhi in the moonlight overnight to recharge its energies. For an extra boost, place it on a Selenite plate.


Celebrate the bond of protection and love with the added blessings of these powerful crystals. Our Good Luck Crystal Rakhi is not just a piece of jewellery but a talisman for well-being, ensuring you carry positive energy wherever you go.

Good Luck Crystal Rakhi Turquoise for Prosperity, Love, and Protection | Charged

₹599.00 Regular Price
₹449.00Sale Price
    • Dimensions: 8mm beads
    • Crystals: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, and Turquoise
    • Weight: 19 grams
    • Charged by: Reiki Grand Master for amplified healing benefits
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