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Discover the enchanting power of the Gold Sandstone Healing Bracelet, designed to elevate your energy and boost your confidence. This gorgeous piece of crystal jewellery is the ideal friend for everyone looking for balance and optimism in their lives because it not only improves your appearance but also offers a host of health advantages.

Primary Healing Benefits:

  • Enhances Confidence and Ambition: Gold Sandstone is known for its ability to boost confidence and ambition, helping you to achieve your goals with renewed vigour.
  • Promotes Positive Energy: It is said that this dazzling stone will draw in good energy and drive away bad energy, bringing harmony to your surroundings.
  • Supports Root Chakra: Gold Sandstone is associated with the Root Chakra, providing grounding and stability in times of stress or uncertainty.
  • Attracts Abundance: Traditionally, Gold Sandstone is considered a stone of prosperity and good fortune, aiding in attracting abundance into your life.
  • Encourages Drive and Motivation: Perfect for those needing a motivational boost, this bracelet can help reignite your inner drive and determination.



How to Use and Care for Your Gold Sandstone Healing Bracelet:

Ritual Ideas:

  • Morning Affirmation: Wear your Gold Sandstone bracelet while reciting positive affirmations to start your day with confidence and motivation.
  • Meditation Aid: Incorporate the bracelet into your meditation practice to enhance grounding and stability, focusing on your Root Chakra.
  • Manifestation Tool: Use the bracelet during manifestation rituals to attract abundance and prosperity.


  • Daily Wear: Keep your Gold Sandstone bracelet close by wearing it daily to maintain its positive influence throughout the day.
  • Special Occasions: Wear it during important meetings or events to boost your confidence and drive.

Cleansing & Charging:

  • Cleansing: Cleanse your Gold Sandstone bracelet under running water or by smudging it with Palo Santo to remove any negative energies.
  • Charging: Recharge its energy by placing it in direct full moonlight for a few hours or by setting it on a selenite plate.

Embrace the magic of Gold Sandstone and let this exquisite healing bracelet guide you towards a more confident, abundant, and positive life. Perfect for gifting or as a personal talisman, it’s a beautiful addition to any crystal lover’s collection.

Golden Sandstone Healing Bracelet for Positive Energy & Confidence Boost

PriceFrom ₹399.00
    • Dimensions: Beads are approximately 8mm & 6mm in diameter.
    • Materials: Natural Gold Sandstone stones, elastic Thread.
    • Colour: Glittering golden brown with sparkling inclusions
    • Energized: Products charged by a Reiki Master Healer.
    • Size: Standard
    • Other Details: Handmade with love and care.
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