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Healing Benefits:

  • Boosts Confidence and Courage: Known for its glittering appearance, Red Sandstone, or 'Goldstone', instils a positive attitude and enhances the wearer's confidence, making it a powerful ally in challenging situations.
  • Promotes Vitality and Energy: This radiant crystal is believed to increase energy levels and revitalize one's energy field, helping to avoid feelings of lethargy.
  • Enhances Creativity: Linked to the Sacral Chakra, the Golden Sandstone Angel encourages creativity and transforms ideas into action, fostering an innovative environment.
  • Attracts Abundance: Goldstone is traditionally associated with wealth and abundance and is thought to attract financial prosperity and new opportunities.
  • Protective Qualities: It provides psychic protection, shielding against unwanted energies and enhancing psychic resilience.


Chakra Connection: This crystal is especially connected to the Sacral Chakra, which is central to creativity and energy flow within the body. Thus, it is an ideal choice for those seeking to unblock and balance this chakra.


Lore and History: Golden Sandstone, or goldstone, is a glittering glass made in a low-oxygen-reducing atmosphere. While it is artificial glass, it has its roots in medieval times. Monks prized it in these periods for its sparkling appearance, which is believed to reflect positive energies and emit healing properties.


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal

Ritual Ideas:

  • Place your Red Sandstone Angel in your workspace or creative corner to enhance productivity and creative insights.
  • Meditate with the angel in your hand to internalize its energy and promote emotional healing.


Placing: As this is an angel figurine, it is best used as a decorative piece or held during meditation rather than worn.


Cleansing & Charging:

  • Cleanse your Red Sandstone Angel regularly under running water (ensure it's brief, as prolonged exposure can damage the stone).
  • Recharge by placing it in direct moonlight or on a selenite charging plate.

Red Sandstone Angel 2 Inches Boost Confidence and Positive Energy for Sacral

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