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Harness the potent healing benefits of Red Garnet:


  • Grounding & Stability: Anchor yourself to the present moment and find stability amidst life's uncertainties.
  • Passion & Creativity: Awaken your inner fire and unleash your creative potential with renewed passion and vitality.
  • Protection & Strength: Shield yourself from negative energies and embrace your inner strength to overcome challenges.


Throughout history, Red Garnet has been revered for its ability to enhance strength, courage, and perseverance. Its rich lore traces back to ancient civilizations, where it was worn as a talisman for protection and prosperity.


How to use and care for your crystal:


Ritual Ideas:

  • Wear your Red Garnet Necklace daily to align with its grounding energy and amplify your intentions.
  • Incorporate it into meditation or yoga practices to deepen your connection with the Root and Sacral Chakras.


Wearing (Necklace): Adorn your neck with the Red Garnet Necklace to infuse your aura with its protective energy throughout the day.


Cleansing & Charging:

  • To cleanse your crystal, gently rinse it under water or smudge it with sage to release accumulated energies.
  • Charge your Red Garnet under the moonlight to revitalize its energy and amplify its healing properties.


Accept the metamorphic potential of red garnet and set off on a path of passion, self-discovery, and defence. This beautiful crystal companion will help you realize your full potential.

Garnet Crystal Necklace for Root & Sacral Chakra Healing, Passion & Protection

₹1,999.00 Regular Price
₹1,399.00Sale Price
    • Necklace Length: 20 Inches
    • Weight: 25 grams Approx
    • Bead Size: 8mm
    • Materials: Red Garnet beads
    • Origin: Handcrafted with care
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