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Healing Benefits:

  • Emotional Balance: Emerald is renowned for its ability to calm emotions, promote harmony, and open the heart to love and compassion.
  • Abundance and Prosperity: This precious gemstone attracts abundance, prosperity, and growth, making it an excellent companion for manifesting wealth.
  • Heart Chakra Activation: Emerald resonates with the Heart Chakra, promoting healing and balance in relationships and enhancing emotional well-being.
  • Intuition and Insight: It strengthens clairvoyance and intuition, making it useful for people pursuing higher self-awareness and spiritual development.
  • Physical Healing: Traditionally used to support the heart, lungs, and overall immune system, aiding in recovery and vitality.


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal:


Affirmation Ritual: Hold the pendant and set a positive intention. Repeat affirmations like "I am open to love and abundance," allowing the emerald's energy to resonate with your intentions.



  • Daily Wear: Perfect for everyday use to keep its healing energy close to your heart.
  • Gifting: An exquisite gift for loved ones, symbolizing love, prosperity, and emotional balance.


Cleansing & Charging:

  • Cleansing: Clean your emerald pendant smudge with sage to remove negative energies.
  • Charging: Place the pendant under moonlight for a few hours. You can also place it on a selenite plate overnight.


Embrace the beauty and profound energy of our Natural Emerald Pendant and Allow it to lead you to a life of love, abundance, and inner tranquillity. It is perfect for those who appreciate both aesthetic elegance and the powerful benefits of crystal healing.

Natural Emerald Pendant for Healing, Abundance, & Heart Chakra Activation

₹4,999.00 Regular Price
₹3,599.00Sale Price
    • Dimensions: Pendant size varies (approx. 1.5 inches)
    • Materials: Genuine Emerald, 925 Sterling Silver
    • Weight: 10-15 grams approx.
    • Chain: Not included
    • Charged by Reiki Master
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