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Introducing the Blue Tigers-Eye bracelet - a perfect accessory to help bring relaxation and peace into your life. This gemstone is renowned for its calming energies that can help ease daily stress, reduce anxieties, and promote a lasting sense of serenity. As you wear this bracelet, you will be enveloped in a soothing energy that has been proven to reduce fatigue and increase feelings of relaxation. The Blue Tigers-Eye bracelet is made from authentic premium quality gemstone beads - all carefully handpicked for their colour and clarity. Each bead is carefully threaded onto a strong elastic cord ensuring maximum durability and comfort while wearing it each day. The bracelet's unique design makes it stylish yet versatile enough to pair with any outfit or occasion. The blue colour of the gemstones beautifully complements any attire, making this an ideal piece of jewellery for everyday wear. In addition to its aesthetic appeal, the Blue Tigers-Eye bracelet also brings many spiritual benefits known for centuries. By wearing this piece of jewellery, you can experience its powerful calming energies that are said to remove fatigue and ease symptoms of depression. So whether you're looking for spiritual healing or want to add an eye-catching accessory to your look, the Blue TigersEye bracelet is sure to be a welcome addition to your life!

Blue Tigers Eye Bracelet – Reduces Stress, Anxiety & Depression

PriceFrom ₹549.00
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