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Aquamarine helps overcome the fear of speaking and is an excellent stone for teachers and presenters of all types. It also allows one to speak clearly and without anger in difficult situations. Aquamarine accelerates the intellectual reasoning processes and enhances the ability for rapid response. It makes one unconquerable through learning, not only about the physical world but about oneself.

Aquamarine emits gentle and compassionate energy, promoting moderation and responsibility for ones' actions. It inspires judgmental people to be more tolerant and helps those overwhelmed by the responsibility to find order.

As a love crystal, pale blue Aquamarine encourages a lover to return, helps two people with different lifestyles to live together in harmony, and reduces the effects of sensitive issues that cause quarrels. Aquamarine is a stone of breath, the respiratory tract, and the lungs. It can heal sinus conditions and frequent coughing and is effective for hay fever and other chronic allergies.

Other health benefits of Aquamarine:

  • Counters infections and useful for laryngitis, strep throat, or a sore throat
  • Harmonizes the pituitary and thyroid glands
  • Regulating hormones and growth
  • Beneficial for teeth and gum problems
  • Supports the healing of inflammatory diseases of all kinds
  • Soothing to eczema, hives, rosacea, and psoriasis
  • Prevent outbreaks of herpes
  • Complement the treatment for shingles
  • Tired eyes and some vision problems
  • Calming nervous spasms



Each crystal item will be sent to you charged with healing Reiki Energy. All crystals need to be placed in the moonlight for a few hours as it recharges its batteries and also cleanses it of both positive & negative energies absorbed.

All crystals are sent to you with an intention that it will do best for you!

Note: Please allow us around 7-10 days to make the customized ring delivered at your doorstep. The ring is made in Sterling Silver. In case you need Hallmark, additional charges of INR 100 will be applicable.

Aquamarine Tumbles

PriceFrom ₹261.00
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