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1. Genuine Amethyst Crystal: Our water bottle features a hand-selected crystal renowned for its calming and purifying properties. Amethyst is known to enhance spiritual awareness, promote emotional balance, and provide a sense of tranquillity.


2. Crystal Infusion Technology: The Amethyst crystal is securely encased in a detachable crystal chamber within the bottle. This innovative design allows the crystal's energy to infuse into your water, creating a revitalizing and energizing water.


3. Premium Quality and Design: The water bottle is made from high-quality, eco-friendly borosilicate glass, ensuring durability and resistance to temperature changes. Its modern, ergonomic design and practical screw-on top make it ideal for daily home, work, or travelling usage.


4. Detoxify and Revitalize: Amethyst is believed to have detoxifying properties, helping to cleanse and purify the body, mind, and spirit. Infusing your water with Amethyst's energy may support your overall wellness by promoting hydration, boosting vitality, and enhancing mental clarity.


5. Versatile and Travel-friendly: The portable design of the water bottle allows you to enjoy the benefits of Amethyst-infused water wherever you go. Stay hydrated and balanced during yoga sessions, meditation practices, or daily activities.


6. Thoughtful Gift: Delight your loved ones with this unique and thoughtful gift. The Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle comes beautifully packaged, making it an excellent present for birthdays, anniversaries, or any special occasion. Show your care and support by gifting them a symbol of healing, rejuvenation, and spiritual connection.



- Material: Borosilicate glass, Stainless steel, Amethyst crystal

- Capacity: 1 Litter

- Bottle Dimensions: Approx. 9.8 inches (25 cm) in height, 2.6 inches (6.5 cm) in diameter

- Crystal Chamber Dimensions: Approx. 3.1 inches (8 cm) in length

- Package Includes: 1 x Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle, 1 x Water Bottle Cover


Experience the transformative power of Amethyst with our Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle. Infuse your water with healing energy and enjoy the benefits of hydration and spiritual harmony. Order now and embrace a refreshing and revitalizing journey towards well-being and balance.

Amethyst Crystal Water Bottle for Infuse Your Hydration with Healing Energy

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