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Healing Benefits:

  • Emotional Balance: Amethyst is renowned for bringing emotional stability and inner strength. This anklet helps soothe your mind and emotions, making it ideal for those seeking peace and calm daily.
  • Spiritual Protection: The Evil Eye charm is a powerful protector against negative energies and misfortune. It protects the user from negative energy and psychic attacks.
  • Enhanced Intuition: The Third Eye Chakra is triggered by amethyst, which improves intuition and psychic abilities. It makes it perfect for those involved in spiritual practices or who require clarity in decision-making.


Chakra Connection: Amethyst is primarily connected to the Third Eye Chakra, which fosters spiritual awareness and wisdom. It also benefits the Crown Chakra, enhancing spiritual connection and purification.


Lore and History: Ancient Greeks wore amethyst to prevent intoxication and ensure clarity in decisions and battles. It is regarded as a stone of spirituality and serenity, promoting peaceful, steady, and quiet energies.


Product Details & Specifications:

  • Dimensions: 5 inches
  • Materials: Amethyst Beads and Evil Eye Charm
  • Bead Size: 4mm
  • Thread: Elastic Thread


How to Use and Care for Your Crystal:


Ritual Ideas:

  • Wear your Amethyst Anklet during meditation or prayer to deepen your spiritual connection.
  • Place it under your pillow or bedside at night to promote tranquil sleep and vivid dreams.


Wearing Tips: Wear the anklet on your left ankle for maximum benefits to promote energy absorption and spiritual growth.


Cleansing & Charging:

  • Clean your anklet regularly by holding it under running water for a few minutes. Then, be sure to dry it thoroughly.
  • Recharge the crystal by placing it under moonlight overnight, particularly during the full moon, to enhance its healing properties.

Amethyst Anklet with Evil Eye Charm for Spiritual Protection, Balance & Enhance

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