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The 7 Chakra Rudraksha 8mm Bead Bracelet is the perfect way to enhance your spiritual journey. This sophisticated and elegant bracelet features genuine semi-precious stones, 8mm Rudraksh beads, and a durable elastic cord for a comfortable fit that works for all wrist sizes. Let this bracelet be your constant companion as you seek to align the body’s chakras and alleviate mental, physical and emotional imbalances. This bracelet has been carefully crafted with each chakra in mind. The seven colors of the rainbow correlate directly with the seven primary energy centers in our bodies - Red for root, Orange for sacral, Yellow for solar plexus, Green for heart, Blue for throat, Indigo for third eye and Violet/Purple for crown. Each stone is thoughtfully selected to help promote balance within each chakra system. The Rudraksh beads are believed to have ancient properties that can help activate and energize these powerful energy centers throughout the body. The Rudraksh 7 Chakra Bracelet provides an effortless way to stay connected to your spiritual practice every day or night. Easily slip it on when meditating or anytime during your daily rituals without having to think twice about taking it off! Whether you are looking to find peace of mind or bring more harmony into everyday life - this bracelet will be there with you offering its healing vibrations while enhancing your wellbeing.

7 Chakra Rudraksh 8mm Healing Bracelet

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₹450.00Sale Price
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