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There are primarily 7 Chakras in our body, i.e., Crown, Third Eye, Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral, and Root. Balancing these chakras is very important for the well-being of living beings. The 7 crystals signify 7 chakras in our body.

Seven Chakra are energy centers in the body aligned with the spine responsible for emotional, physical, and environmental shifts around a human being. It is considered that when the energy flows through all the seven chakras properly, our bodies can heal their physical, mental, and emotional needs and become balanced.

These Seven Chakra Healing Crystals help to balance the Seven Chakras of the body. These crystals are meant to encourage endurance and healing. The stones are used to utilize the energy and healing possessions specific to the wearer's lifestyle. The negative energy becomes trapped in these crystals and leaves the wearer without affecting him or her. The positive energy emanates from every one of the rocks and re-directs the chakras.

By wearing the 7 chakra jewelry or using the crystals daily for meditation, one can get their healing powers with them. Modeling of these 7 Chakras crystals in different forms, one gets overall benefitted. These crystals promote health, wealth, prosperity, and mental harmony in life. It can also give confidence to a person in terms of finance, wellness, and psychic level.

The seven chakra jewelry items are designed in rainbow colors. These crystals provide healing energy to the respective chakras and help to keep them balanced. Wearing or using the seven chakras crystals improves mind power, creativity, confidence, and self-respect. It also brings success to your life. It enhances the emotional and physical balance by removing anxiety and fear. It helps a person to get love and prosperity.

These crystals are extremely helpful in mental problems like stress, anxiety, health issues, lack of concentration, emotional weakness, etc.

Below are the crystal colors for the chakras:

  • Root Chakra - Red
  • Sacral Chakra - Orange
  • Solar Plexus - Yellow
  • Heart Chakra - Green
  • Throat Chakra - Light Blue
  • Third Eye Chakra - Indigo & Dark Blue
  • Crown Chakra - White & Purple

Each crystal will be sent to you charged with healing Reiki Energy. All crystals need to be placed in the moonlight for a few hours as it recharges its batteries and cleanses it of both positive & negative energies absorbed.

All crystals are sent to you with the intention that they will do best for you!

Care: Always cleanse your crystals post usage with tap water, smudge with sage or leave in the moonlight for few hours to charge them.

7 Chakra Roller

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