Saturn in Aquarius

This Saturday, Saturn moves into the sign of Aquarius. The energy has been building in intensity as we get closer to Saturday. The entire world is feeling the magnitude of this shift. This 3-year transit of the Great Malefic will continue until March 2023. Saturn is an outer planet that impacts society as a whole. When I say, We are in this together, I mean, We are ALL in this together.

Saturn, in traditional astrology, is known as the Great Malefic, who rules over authority, governments, including corporations, and brings challenges, limitations, hardships, restrictions, and fear. Depending on your current perspective and individual circumstance, this change in energy can feel impossible to get through.

Aquarius, in astrology, rules over the internet, friends, gatherings, social interactions, and social networks. The Aquarius archetype is known for emotional detachments, innovative ideas, learning, and teaching. This energy invites us to admire the human brain and see what we can achieve.

So, here we are... Saturn is placing separations, controls, and restrictions on group gatherings, and friends(Aquarius). "Social distancing" is literally what Saturn in Aquarius represents! We have sincere fears and anxieties on a social level in the world right now. We will witness our government achieve a new sustainable structure. This new structure will take time. What we have is technology, here, in front of us, to learn and utilize as we move quickly into the future.

Have patience, my friends, open your mind, be creative, and tap into this Aquarian energy. How can you maintain your social connections via the internet? How can you sustain your life working from home? Grab ahold of your fears and start thinking outside of the box!

Love yourself, Love each other


Photo: David Menidrey


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