Pisces New Moon

The New Moon is happening at 4 degrees Pisces, on Sunday, February 23, 7:31 am PST. Whatever house Pisces rules in your chart, is where we are working with fresh new energy! Each house represents a specific area of your life, and this is where you may be consciously or unconsciously planting seeds for your future. In 6 months, you'll see the culmination of these seeds we are planting with the Pisces New Moon come September.

Pisces energy can feel very dreamy, mystical, and can blur your vision, causing you to overlook things you don't want to see. Use this to your imaginative advantage, but stay grounded in this energy, to not be self-sacrificing. Engage in creative or spiritual activities and you'll benefit greatly.

Mars in Capricorn is a rare opportunity! Use the powerful support from Mars to find the courage, discipline, and focus you'll need to bring your desires to fruition! Push through your fears and self-doubts! Uranus in Taurus is positively supporting these changes to stabilize your values, finances, and goals!

We can feel some challenges, as Venus squares Jupiter. Venus governs our relationships, finances, and pleasures. This energy can bring tension in relationships, or overextending ourselves financially. This discomfort may be necessary to implement lasting change. The work we are called to put in during the square aspect will set us up to reap the rewards of the trine! The trine, an aspect of blessing, to the North Node, can have positive results for your future if you choose to take action. Trust the process. It will not be instant, but it will be worth it!

Are you OK with life remaining the same? What do you want for your future? How bad do you want it?

Destiny is calling!

"The tiny seed knew that in order to grow, it needed to be dropped in dirt, covered in darkness, and struggle to reach the light" Sandra King

Photo by Jordan Steranka


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