Mercury Retrograde February 2020

Mercury Retrograde, here we go again! If you don’t know astrology, you may have wondered what the hype is all about?!

Mercury Retrograde officially begins on Monday, February 17 through Tuesday, March 10, 2020.

This Mercury retrograde starts in dreamy, spiritual, Pisces, and makes its way back into free-spirited, eccentric, Aquarius. This could inspire us to spend more time reflecting on our spirituality — as well as connecting with our social circles, or people in general, on a deeper level. Although feared by most, Mercury Retrograde is a natural part of our evolution and brings us just as many blessings as challenges. Once we learn how to navigate these occurrences, we can create opportunities all year long for balance and growth.

During Mercury Retrograde, we can experience issues with communication, learning, formal contracts, agreements, technology, travel delays, tension, or misplacing items. Ideas and thoughts seem to get scrambled instead of flowing normally. This same energy occurs within digital communication: e-mail servers go down, interruptions on social media platforms, or computer issues of all sorts. We can have a hard time speaking, writing, or simply creating. It can certainly be a time of intense frustration for all!

Once you begin to pay attention to how events in your life change during these phases, you will observe the importance of the lessons. We can't move into the future if the past is holding us back. Use this time to review, reflect, and reconsider.

What To Do – and Not Do– During Mercury Retrograde


Pause before you speak, text, or write

Plan to do less

Allow more time for everything

Adjust your expectations

Double-check everything



Sign any contracts or commit to any new agreements

Do not have any elective surgery

Jump to conclusions

Start new projects

Don't stress

Buy a car

It’s important to balance our minds and emotions while paying attention to new information that is revealed from the retrograde to see what we can integrate into our lives once the cycle is complete. These are blessings in disguise!

To see how all of this energy speaks to you personally, book a private reading today!

Love yourself, Love each other


Photo By Sadman Sakib

Love yourself, Love each other



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