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Oracle Card Reading

Oracle Card Reading

No. of Sessions - 3

Pre-recorded Sessions - NA

Learn in a Batch - 5000

Learn in Personalized Sessions - 9800

Delve deep into the mystical realm of Oracle Card Reading with this comprehensive course tailored for beginners and seasoned practitioners. Master the art of tuning into spiritual insights, decoding symbolic messages, and providing transformative readings for yourself and others. With expert guidance, rich content, and interactive modules, you will gain the command and skills to navigate the profound world of Oracle Cards.

Course Outline:

Introduction to Oracle Cards:

  • History and Origins

  • Differences between Tarot and Oracle Cards


Choosing Your Deck:

  • Energetic Connection and Selection Process


Preparing for a Reading:

  • Cleansing and Charging Your Cards
  • Creating Sacred Spaces
  • Setting the Intention

Reading Techniques and Spreads:

  • Single-Card Readings
  • Past-Present-Future Spread
  • The Relationship Spread
  • Designing Custom Spreads

Interpreting the Cards:

  • Decoding Symbolism and Imagery
  • Tapping into Intuition
  • Addressing Challenging Cards


Ethical Considerations:

  • Setting Boundaries
  • Confidentiality and Respect
  • Guiding without Influencing


Advanced Techniques:

  • Combining Oracle Cards with Other Divination Tools
  • Reversals and Their Significance
  • Reading for Groups

Building Your Oracle Card Practice:

  • Offering Readings to Others
  • Pricing and Business Ethics
  • Marketing and Growth

Prerequisites: No prior experience is necessary. The course is designed to cater to individuals of all skill levels, from those newly introduced to Oracle Card Reading to advanced practitioners looking to deepen their understanding.

Course Benefits:

Skill Development: Master the techniques and nuances of Oracle Card Reading.

Personal Growth: Deepen your linkage to your intuition and spiritual understandings.

Professional Opportunities: Establish a foundation to offer readings professionally, should you choose to.

Community Connection: Engage in a supportive community of fellow learners and Oracle Card enthusiasts.

Interactive Learning: Benefit from hands-on exercises, live readings, and Q&A sessions with expert instructors.

Your trainer

Dr. Usha Bhatt

Dr. Usha Bhatt, a distinguished Psychic Healer and an esteemed Tarot Reader with a profound journey spanning over two decades in the mystical and healing arts. Dr. Bhatt's expertise also encompasses Past Life Therapy and Mokshpat Reading, through which she offers deep insights and transformative experiences.


With more than 20 years dedicated to training and teaching, she has guided countless individuals on their paths to spiritual awakening and emotional healing. Dr. Bhatt's holistic approach and intuitive mastery make her a beacon for those seeking guidance and clarity in their lives. Join her to explore the depths of your past, present, and future, and embark on a journey towards self-discovery and enlightenment.

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Dr. Usha Bhatt
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