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Tarot Cards Reading


Batch Coaching - 7500, Personalized Coaching - 11250


5 Sessions - 2 Hours each

About the Course

Learn how to practice tarot without being taroty. Develop an intuitive approach grounded in self-care. Understand the stories in your own life. Use the cards to learn and understand your own life. Learn to read tarot as it unfolds in your own life.

You'll discover the symbols found in your tarot cards. You'll also learn how to improve your ability to read for friends, which will bring you closer to your intuition, help you feel more comfortable in your own skin, and make you a more confident, more intuitive, more you tarot reader.

This is an essential course for learning to use Tarot cards and interpreting their messages for yourself and others. You'll master the card meanings, use them intuitively, and when to use each card in a reading. Study how Tarot works in-depth, and start honing your reading skills today!

This is one of the courses of its kind to teach how to take your own readings, both in person and over the video call or phone, in order to help clients get accurate, meaningful answers to their Tarot questions.

Get the Read Tarot Course and become the Tarot reader everyone wants to know. Learn to read Tarot for others and yourself in an effective, meaningful way that has an impact and inspires positive transformation.

You will learn how to prepare for readings, choose the right spread, trust your intuition, and more in this course.

Your Instructor

Usha Bhatt

Usha is a Reiki Master Trainer, Crystal Therapist, Empath, Alternative Healer, Psychic Reader (Tarot Reader), and a counselor who works intuitively and passionately with energy. She would be honored to extend support through Meditative sessions, training, counseling, Reiki sessions, and crystal therapies, anyway through which her practice can bring joy and abundance to your lives.

Usha Bhatt
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