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Reiki Level 2


Batch Coaching - 3999, Personalized Coaching - 5999


4 Sessions - 2 Hours each Session

About the Course

Reiki Level 2 continues our learning tradition of lectures, discussions, self-treatment, and clinical practice with classmates and the community. At this level, we'll continue our exploration of the traditional Reiki symbols and the esoteric, traditional, and intuitive meanings that each symbol offers.

In this class, we learn about extending our practice of distance Reiki treatment and learning about creative ways to make it more effective. You'll also develop and maintain a strong clinical relationship with clients by exploring different self-practice strategies.

This course includes hands-on and distance treatment practice for yourself and others. There's also an introduction to the traditional Reiki symbols.

In The Cosmic Connect, we explore the traditional Reiki symbols and learn to integrate the symbols into our daily lives. We also practice in groups, offer classes, and work to help people incorporate Reiki into their everyday lives.

This is great learning for anyone who would like to try Reiki. There are many ways to incorporate Reiki practice into your everyday life. You will also get access to teacher support both in and out of class. You will also get attunements, both initiations.

You will receive attunement, a course manual, access to recorded sessions for quick reference, and Reiki level 2 certification upon completion of the course.

Self-practice is one of the most important aspects of healing school. Our school understands that learning happens best over time, with support and space to integrate the material. Therefore, this course is spread out over five to six sessions, giving students time to learn at their own pace, practice at home, and come back to ask questions based on their experiences.

You learn to become more self-healing and less dependent on others. It is an amazing mind-body connection therapy that uses the life force energy (or ki) of the Universe to enhance health. Reiki is a practice passed down for thousands of years, but it was not until recently that it was brought back into the modern world.

Your Instructor

Usha Bhatt

Usha is a Reiki Master Trainer, Crystal Therapist, Empath, Alternative Healer, Psychic Reader (Tarot Reader), and a counselor who works intuitively and passionately with energy. She would be honored to extend support through Meditative sessions, training, counseling, Reiki sessions, and crystal therapies, anyway through which her practice can bring joy and abundance to your lives.

Usha Bhatt
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