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Reiki Level 1


Batch Coaching - 2999, Personalized Coaching - 4499


2 Sessions - 2 Hours each

About the Course

Reiki Level I is an ancient healing technique that helps people reduce stress, enhance their health and quality of life, and recover physically and emotionally. Reiki, according to research, activates the parasympathetic nervous system, which heals the body by triggering the relaxation response.

Reiki is easy to learn and is accessible to everyone. In addition, participants will be able to perform self-treatments and provide treatments for others after receiving the Reiki 1 certificate.

Reiki is a form of energy healing practiced in many different cultures for thousands of years. However, most Reiki practitioners do not become professional until they have achieved the Second Degree. Those who complete Reiki 1 training will be eligible for continuing education credits.

Your Instructor

Usha Bhatt

Usha is a Reiki Master Trainer, Crystal Therapist, Empath, Alternative Healer, Psychic Reader (Tarot Reader), and a counselor who works intuitively and passionately with energy. She would be honored to extend support through Meditative sessions, training, counseling, Reiki sessions, and crystal therapies, anyway through which her practice can bring joy and abundance to your lives.

Usha Bhatt
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