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Pendulum Dowsing


Batch Coaching - 2500, Personalized Coaching - 3750


1 Session - 3-4 Hours

About the Course

What is a Pendulum Dowsing? A dowsing pendulum is a rock or crystal that hangs from the end of a chain. The pendulum is used as a tool for gaining spiritual and material insight. Traditionally, dowsing pendulums were used to locate hidden water, minerals, and other hidden objects beneath the ground.

The pendulum dowsing works by connecting us to the subconscious mind. For example, when we seek an answer to a question, our subconscious mind replies by influencing our brain, which drives our body to respond. In other words, our body outwardly expresses our inner knowing.

A pendulum can be used in different scenarios, such as asking for clarification, gaining clarity and a better understanding of something, and even asking questions about life, love, health, career, money, etc. – whether complex or straightforward.

Pendulums also promote healing with the process of dowsing, which seeks out invisible energies. This connects people to higher powers spiritually and can help uncover any blocks in energy.

They are used to obtain guidance, awareness, and insight as a sort of reflection. The use of pendulums to balance one's chakras is also conceivable, as pendulums pick up on tiny vibrations to clear the body and balance mind, body, and spirit.

The use of a crystal pendulum can be used to help relieve many forms of pain, whether physical or emotional. To this end, it's important to choose a method of cleansing or clearing crystals before the divination session when using a crystal pendulum.

Your Instructor

Usha Bhatt

Usha is a Reiki Master Trainer, Crystal Therapist, Empath, Alternative Healer, Psychic Reader (Tarot Reader), and a counselor who works intuitively and passionately with energy. She would be honored to extend support through Meditative sessions, training, counseling, Reiki sessions, and crystal therapies, anyway through which her practice can bring joy and abundance to your lives.

Usha Bhatt
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