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Crystal Reiki Healing


Batch Coaching - 9000, Personalized Coaching - 13500


5 Sessions - 2 Hours each

About the Course

Discover how you can use crystals for intent and purpose with your body, mind, and life. Do you have a Reiki practice where you are looking for ways you can focus and direct your sessions?

A deeper understanding of the science of crystals and how to pair them with Reiki can help your healing practice. Learn how to use crystals to create energy fields that help promote physical healing.

Crystal Reiki is a new form of Reiki combining the use of crystals with Reiki, universal life force energy. It gives you the capability to tailor each session to fit your needs.

Crystal Reiki includes sacred geometric symbols that are incorporated into the healing sessions. This amplifies the Crystal Reiki energy and helps you to have even greater success with your Crystal Reiki treatments.

In this course, you'll learn everything there is to know about crystals. You'll discover their energetic properties. And, you'll learn how you can choose the best crystals for your Crystal Reiki sessions based on their structure, color, and metaphysical properties.

You will learn how to handle your crystals. You'll also learn how to cleanse and charge your crystals, store them properly, and which methods to avoid using with specific crystals.

This course will prepare you for the benefits of programming your crystals. In addition, you will learn how to perform Crystal Reiki self-treatments and sessions with others, including animals as well as spaces.

Your Instructor

Usha Bhatt

Usha is a Reiki Master Trainer, Crystal Therapist, Empath, Alternative Healer, Psychic Reader (Tarot Reader), and a counselor who works intuitively and passionately with energy. She would be honored to extend support through Meditative sessions, training, counseling, Reiki sessions, and crystal therapies, anyway through which her practice can bring joy and abundance to your lives.

Usha Bhatt
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